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Frequently asked questions about Bynco Private Lease

It's important for us that you know what to expect beforehand.

Why is Bynco working with Athlon for Private Lease?

At Bynco we believe transparency is important. We have talked to various Private Lease providers, and with Athlon we have found a partner who has the same standards and values. Being honest, being reachable, no hidden additions or small print, and being there after the contract has been signed. In our opinion, Athlon has the most flexible conditions, so if something unforeseen happens, the contract can always be terminated or adjusted. In this case, the Protection Plan refers to a solution that is the most flexible for you as a customer.

Do I keep my built up damage free years at Bynco Private Lease?

Within our private lease contract you simply keep building up damage free years. At the end of the lease period, Athlon provides a declaration of damage-free driving, if this is the case.

What if I drive more or less kilometers?

Your monthly fee is based on the chosen annual mileage and duration. If you drive more, this will bring extra costs. In your contract these costs will be listed in a table. If you drive more kilometers you have 2 options:

You can pay extra kilometers in between or at the end of your contract.

You can increase your annual mileage in between. Your monthly amount will be adjusted according to the table in your contract for the coming and past months. The difference between your old and new monthly amount for the past months will be charged at once.

If you drive less, the same principle applies and you will get your money back according to the table in your contract. There is one exception: if you drive less than the lowest scale in your contract you will not get a refund.

The 5 certainties of the Quality mark Private Lease

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  • 14-day reflection period

Can I cancel my contract in the meantime?

You can cancel your Private lease agreement at any time. This may be subject to a termination fee, unless notice is given under the terms and conditions of the Protection Plan. In all other cases, there are costs associated with the termination.

How is the termination fee determined?

In the event of termination, the termination fee is 50% of the total monthly amounts still due up to the end date, unless the overview in the Private Lease Agreement shows a lower amount if you would have opted for a different term immediately at the start. The most favorable calculation will apply.

Example calculation:

Suppose you have a contract based on 48 months and 10.000 kilometers with a monthly fee of €264,-. After 24 months you want to cancel your subscription.

The termination fee amounts to 48 - 24 = 24 months x € 264,- x 50% = € 3.168,-.

However, if you would have immediately concluded a contract of 24 months, the lease price would have been € 325,-. The difference over the already elapsed period is then 48 - 24 = 24 x (€ 325,- -/- € 264,-) = € 1.464,-.

This second calculation is the most favorable for the customer. It is therefore applicable.

The termination fee in this example therefore amounts to € 1,464,-.

What is the Protection Plan?

Together with Athlon, Bynco has drawn up a unique protection plan. This plan has to make sure that you are not tied to anything when your private circumstances change.

a. The customer may terminate the Private Lease Agreement prematurely without penalty in the event of forced resignation (in the case of an employment contract for an indefinite period of time), divorce, dissolution of a registered partnership, dissolution of a cohabitation contract, loss of driving licence for more than six months on medical grounds or in the event of death (in the event of death, the heirs may do so).

The following conditions apply:

I. Customer has fulfilled all obligations under the Private Lease Agreement; and

II. Athlon is convinced by one of the grounds for termination; and

III. the Vehicle has been returned to Athlon in accordance with the arrangements in these Supplementary Terms and Conditions.

b. The Private Lease Agreement will be terminated as soon as Terms I through III are met. The termination date is the last day of the month in which this is effected. 

c. Athlon checks the number of kilometers actually driven on the Termination Date. Also the kilometers driven in a replacement vehicle count. In addition, Athlon also looks at possible more or less kilometers. These more or less kilometers are settled according to the overview in the Private Lease Agreement.

What are the conditions for concluding a private rental agreement with Bynco?

To ensure that you can fulfill your contract, we set a number of conditions for our customers:
  • You are at least 21 years old at the start of the contract period or at most 80 years at the end of the contract period;
  • You have a permanent employment contract, or an employment contract that continues for at least another 3 months. When your employment ends within 3 months we would like to receive a letter of intent;
  • You do not have payment arrears with the BKR and there is no wage attachment on your salary;
  • You have not been disbarred by an insurance company;
  • According to the rules of the Keurmerk, we check whether you are able to bear the monthly charges. This assessment is carried out by EDR Credit Services.

New or occasion?

It can both be done via Bynco Private Lease

Do I get a registration at the BKR with Bynco Private Lease?

At the BKR, all private credits higher than € 250,- and with a minimum duration of 1 month are registered. If you enter into a Bynco Private Lease agreement, it will be registered with the BKR for 65% of the total amount over your total term. So 65% x your monthly amount x the number of contract months. For example: the subscription you choose is € 199 per month. You would like to sign up for a subscription for 36 months. So your registration with BKR is € 199,- x 36 months x 65% = € 4,660,-.

Can the monthly amount change during the term?

The monthly amount may change as a result of tax changes. Fiscal causes are e.g. changes in road tax, insurance tax or VAT. This also applies if you buy a car. However, it can also happen that your mileage usage leads to an adjustment of your monthly amount.

According to the Belastingplan 2020 (Rijksoverheid), the reduction in vehicle tax for electric cars and plug-in hybrids will be phased out starting from 1 January 2025; this will mean that the instalment can increase during the term of your lease contract if the lease contract continues beyond 1 January 2025.

Is it possible to adjust the duration?

Yes, that is possible, we will make a new calculation and adjust your contract.

What if I have driven more or less kilometres in a year?

Once a year, the actual kilometres driven are invoiced and your monthly amount is adjusted to your km consumption. You can compare this with your energy company's settlement.
The costs of more and less kilometres are determined by the rate difference between the mileage options. Let us explain this to you:

Suppose you have a contract for 10,000 km per year at € 300,- and the next option is 15,000 km at € 325,-. You drive 12,500 km in a year, that's 2,500 km extra.

The difference between the km options is 15,000-10,000 km = 5,000 km
5,000 km cost € 325 - € 300 = € 25 p/month, which is € 0.06 p/km
2,500 extra kilometres will then cost 2,500 x € 0.06 / 12 months = € 12.50 p/month
The settlement for 12 months is then 12 x € 12.50 = € 150,-.

If you drive fewer kilometres during a year, you will of course get your money back.

What is included in the Bynco Private Lease subscription and what costs do I have to pay myself?

The car, road tax, third party liability insurance, accident insurance for passengers (optional), legal assistance, hull damage, maintenance, repairs, tyres, breakdown assistance, the car-sharing module, replacement transport after 72 hours and penalty-free termination in the event of divorce or dismissal. The only thing you have to pay for yourself is the fuel.

Are others also allowed to drive the car?

Yes, anyone with a valid driving licence is allowed to drive. It is also possible to offer your car as a shared car on for example the site of Snappcar.

Can I terminate my contract earlier?

Yes, you can terminate your Bynco Private Lease contract earlier. Athlon applies the Protection Plan, which allows you to terminate your private lease contract without penalty in the event of forced dismissal*, divorce or death. If the protection plan does not apply, the contract will be recalculated on the basis of the table in your contract. In that case, you will pay the monthly amount associated with the new term over all the monthly terms.

* in the case of an employment contract of indefinite duration

What should I do if my car breaks down?

Athlon Privé Lease can be reached 24 hours a day for urgent assistance requests via +31 (0)36 547 11 55. Is there no urgent request for help? Call us during office hours (from 8:00 to 17:30 from Monday to Friday). Outside office hours you will be redirected to the Athlon Emergency Centre. This emergency centre can be reached day and night in the event of a technical defect or damage. The Athlon Emergency Centre can be reached from home and abroad.

The Athlon Emergency Centre (carried out by Eurocross Assistance) will assist you directly with your request for help. Of course, the solution depends on the specific situation, your location and the agreed service. We will work with you to find a suitable solution.

If you can't reach Athlon, call 030-207 42 20 or Whatsapp with Bynco. Then we will help you immediately.

Is there an excess or contribution in the event of damage?

In the event of damage, you will pay € 300 per claim. If you opt for the Verlaging Eigen Bijdrage (Reduction of Own Contribution) when taking out your subscription, you can reduce your own contribution to € 150 per claim. If the claim is not recoverable (e.g. vandalism), this is covered by the personal contribution.

How do I return my car?

That is a good question. You can return your car at one of the many Schadenet branches in the Netherlands. When returning your private lease car, a return report will be drafted. In the report the collision damage is registered. If your private lease car is not clean, it is not possible to draft a binding collection report. The collection report you receive at Schadenet will be sent to privelease.nl@athlon.com as an unsubscription of the car. At Athlon in Almere, the damage meter is used to assess whether it concerns user damage or a damage event to which the excess may apply.

You can find the return form here (apologies, only in Dutch).