• Our independent purchase inspection guarantees that you buy a quality car
  • If something does happen during the first 12,000 kilometres, we will solve it and pay the bill.
  • We act as guarantor for you and your car, even after purchase

How free returns work at Bynco

Found out during the 2-week test drive that your new car isn't the one for you? Then you can return it to us free of charge.


  • 2 weeks of test driving: within the first two weeks you may return your car free of charge, for any reason.

  • Pick-up service: you don't have to return your car, because we will pick it up for you free of charge.

  • Swap back: we keep your trade-in car for 14 days so that if you decide not to keep your new car, you can swap back to your previous car.

Good to know

  • 2 weeks of test driving: it is not possible to return your car after these 2 weeks.

  • Refuelled (half a tank) and clean: we expect the car back the exact way you received it, clean and with a half tank of fuel.

  • 200 kilometres maximum: not per hour, but in total. If you drive more than 200 kilometres during the test drive period and decide to return the car, we will have to charge you for the depreciation costs and offset them against the purchase price to be refunded. The amount depends on the number of kilometres driven and the condition of the car.

All purchase risks are our responsibility

  • Each car undergoes an independent purchase inspection before delivery
  • No matter what happens during the first 12.000 km; we'll solve it and pay for it

How returns work 

In a nutshell, this is how it works at Bynco: 

  1. Found out during the 2-week test drive that your new car isn't the one for you? Please notify us by e-mail ( or call 030-808 02 20 so that we can initiate the return process. You may - but you are not obliged to - indicate the reason for the return in the return form. You can find this form here. 
  2. You will receive a return confirmation from us by e-mail and we will contact you to make an appointment for pick-up. Can you make sure the car is clean and has been refuelled (half a tank is alright with us) when we come to pick it up? 
  3. You will receive a full refund of the purchase price within 10 working days after we have collected the car. Did you finance your car through our financing partner DTC? The financing agreement will be automatically terminated.


Have you traded in your car?

In that case, you will not only get your money back, but also the car you traded in. We will refund the full purchase amount within 10 working days after we have collected your new car and returned your previous car.

The car has been returned: what’s next? 

Helping you find the used car that suits you best is why we get up in the morning every day with a smile on our face. So, if you like, after a return we will do everything to help you find the right car. How does that sound? Please let us know when you report the return, so we can set up the return process and make an appointment with you for a no-obligation car consultation. You can then make a new choice and, after the car has been delivered to your home, get behind the wheel of the car that hopefully suits you best. 

More information about the consultation 

Also good to know 

  • You will always get your money back, even if you choose to order another car from us. 
  • 2-week test drive and free return also applies to the next car you order from us. 

Frequently asked questions about returns

How long does it take to get the purchase price back into my account?

After we have collected your car, the full purchase price will be refunded to your account within 10 working days.

Can I still drive the car after the return notification?

No, you may not drive the car after this. However, because we expect it to be refuelled and clean, you may - if necessary - take the car to a nearby petrol station and/or carwash.

Can I order another car immediately after returning it?

Absolutely, and if you want to, we can help you find a car that better suits your needs. Please contact us if you need our help. After your car has been picked up and received, you'll receive the full purchase amount on your bank account within 10 working days.

Will I get my trade-in car back if I return my new car?

Yes, of course. We keep each trade-in car for a maximum of 14 days so that you are not without a car if you decide to return your new car. Suppose you are not happy with your new car and you want your trade-in car back, we will exchange the cars at your home. In addition, you will receive your money back within 10 working days after we have collected your new car and returned your trade-in car. And if you want, we help you find another car.

What if I decide that I don't want to keep the car after these first 2 weeks?

As stipulated in our General Terms and Conditions, returns are not possible after 2 weeks due to the expiry of the so-called right of withdrawal.