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Exchange or return

Money back guarantee

Not satisfied? - You will just get your money back

We blindly believe in the quality of our offer, but it is possible that your purchase does not meet your expectations of course. For whatever reasons you might have. Bynco uses a no-questions-asked-money-back-guarantee for this. In other words: it's a pity that we couldn't help you with your dream car, but you'll get a full refund. Without asking awkward questions.

There are a few rules for this. You are still in the 14 day trial period, 14 days from the moment you accept the car on delivery.

You can use the model revocation form or the European revocation form, but you are not obliged to do so. After this notification we will collect the car from you as soon as possible free of charge. As soon as possible, at the latest within 14 days after termination, you will receive the full purchase amount back from us. We will refund to the same bank account number as you used to pay. You may of course test and assess the car. If you go further than necessary, we can charge you for the value reduction. We believe that you are allowed to drive 200 kilometres during the trial period. If you drive more, the costs will be charged according to the overview below.

Returning your purchase? Please contact us and preferably mail us this form.


Always make sure that the car has a full tank of fuel and is clean at the time of pick-up. The same goes for the delivered car.

If you want to drive longer distances during the trial period and find out that you do not like the car, this is no problem. We will then only charge you an amount for depreciation. Not to prevent abuse of the Bynco proposition - which is all about trust.

200 kilometres free

The 200 kilometres allow you to experience the car in your own environment and during your weekly routine, to test engine and to see if it suits you. A nice trial period with the daily use of the car. We believe in more than just a quick test drive at a dealer or garage.

More than 200

It is of course possible that you drove more than the permitted 200 kilometres during the trial period. This can happen and of course you can still make use of the right of revocation. In that case, however, we will have the depreciation of the car determined by an independent party. This depreciation, including the costs of the expert, will then be settled with the refund of the purchase price. Our advice is therefore to always make the decision within 200 kilometres.

Damage driven during the trial period

It can of course happen that you accidentally cause damage during the 14 day period. It is important to know that during this period you bear the risk of loss or damage yourself. The car is registered in your name and you are also the proprietor of the insurance. Any damage during the trial period will therefore have to be recovered from your car insurance. Possible loss of value will be deducted from the purchase amount to be refunded in the event of cancellation.

Outside the 14-day trial period

The right of withdrawal expires after 14 days.