• Ultimate convenience
  • Always a fixed price
  • Personal assistance
  • No financial surprises

Your 14 day trialperiod

Testdrive the car in your own environment

We don’t believe that a short, rushed test drive is the best way to judge a car. That’s why Bynco allows you to test the car for 14 days. That gives you peace of mind! This period starts at the moment that you accept the car upon delivery.

14 day trial period and 200 free kilometres

During the trial period, the first 200 kilometres are free. You only pay for the gas. This means you can go to work, do your groceries, or take your kids to their after-school activities. Not satisfied? We will pick up the car and deposit the entire purchase amount back into your account. No caveats, no questions asked.

Do you need to drive more than 200 kilometres to know if the car is right for you? No problem. If you still decide to return the car, we will charge a small fee per kilometre and subtract it from the purchase amount which we will return to you.

Want to return the car or ask any other questions during the trial period? Read all of the terms and conditions here or contact us.

Check upon pickup

When we come to pick up the car from you, we will double check to see if it’s in the same condition as when we delivered it. Is the tank full and are all the booklets still there? If the car isn’t in the same condition as when we delivered it, any extra costs will be billed to you. Read more about this in our terms and conditions.