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Buy a car or lease it privately?

Private lease is popular, but is it the best solution for you?

Due to the termination of Bynco Private Lease, it is no longer possible to submit an application. Current applications will remain pending and will be processed further by Athlon.

Private lease, a smart choice?

Much is said and written about private lease. Is it more expensive or cheaper now? Is it better to buy a used car or to lease a new or used car privately? As far as we are concerned, there is no unequivocal answer to this and the calculation differs per car and per situation. Private lease gives you a lot of security and convenience, you consciously choose for it and in many cases you also pay for it. In most cases you are more expensive monthly than if you buy a car yourself. Because actually private lease is nothing more than renting a car for a longer period of time. Where you only have to pay for the fuel yourself, the rest is all covered in the monthly price.

Security and convenience, also when buying

Security and convenience are therefore often the reasons for choosing a private lease. We also offer that certainty and convenience when buying a used car. Precisely because we know that the way of buying a used car from the dealer is opaque and cumbersome. So all cars with us have a fixed price and it includes everything. So inclusive

make roadworthy,
180 day warranty,
14 days test drive,
free home delivery.

And we guarantee you that you will have no maintenance costs for the first six months, otherwise we will pay the bill for you. The big advantage of buying a car yourself compared to a private lease is that the residual value of your car is yours. And not for the car dealer or lease company. Sounds good right?

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