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Origin of the cars

Only selected partners

All cars that are advertised on our site are being sold by so-called External Sellers. These are car dealers and leasing companies that meet our Bynco requirements and protocols with regards to both the quality of their second hand cars as well as their terms and conditions. Only dealers that can guarantee they can meet Bynco’s terms and securities are allowed to list on bynco.com. This allows us to safeguard our quality and service and we can guarantee you that you know exactly what you’re getting.

We have personally visited every external seller and have looked that their stock of second hand cars. Every external seller has signed a legally binding contract and has agreed to all of Bynco’s terms and protocols. A car will only be listed on bynco.com after a digital review by Bynco staff. They check to make sure that there are enough good quality photos and information about the car in question. This means that you can make a choice based on complete and correct information.

Here is a list and overview of external sellers.

Looking for a specific model or type?

If you’re looking for a specific model, brand or type of car but can’t find it in our selection, call or email us. We will take stock of your wishes and will search for the car for you.