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Safe payment via third party account

Seen your dream car? You can order it easily in 4 steps.

The final step is the payment which can be done via iDEAL. You can pay immediately or upon delivery- then you can at least see the car before you pay. You can transfer up to €50,000 via iDEAL (see our FAQ).

If you choose immediate payment, you choose for security. Firstly, you know that there will be no unpleasant surprises on the day of delivery (like not having enough money in your account). On top of this, payments to bynco.com all go through a third party trust account by GoCredible. This means that your money is held in an independent bank account, and you maintain control over when the money is transferred to Bynco. This works the same way as when you buy a house, when a notary public also holds the money in a third party account until the deed transfer is complete.

What is GoCredible?

GoCredible is an independent foundation which holds your payment in their third party account. We cannot access this account. Your money will only be transferred to us if you are completely satisfied with the car. Once you have signed and digitally accepted on our deliverer’s tablet, you will also indicate that permission has been given to transfer the money to our account. Is the car not what you wanted? You can also cancel on the same tablet and GoCredible will transfer the purchase amount back to you. Simple and 100% safe.

What are the advantages of a third party trust account?

Simple: you only complete the payment for your car once you’re totally satisfied with the delivered car. You want to be sure that everything works and is what your expected, after all. Upon delivery, take your time to check out the car and once you’re 100% satisfied, you can complete the payment with a signature. Not satisfied? Cancel the purchase and you will get your money back immediately.

Another advantage is that you are working with a neutral party. GoCredible is an independent third party that only does two things: complete your payments if you accept, or depositing the payment back into your account if you don’t.

On top of this, GoCredible makes sure that your payment is successful. You are paying via iDEAL so you know that the money has been sent. This prevents problems such as entering an incorrect bank account number, amount, or payment reference. Using GoCredible, you can be sure that the money has been sent to the right account. GoCredible’s service will not cost you anything, their fee is on us.

Solicitor's client account GoCredible

The third party trust account is managed by Third Party Foundation GoCredible. This foundation does not carry out any secondary activities and is not responsible for the management of GoCredible itself. If GoCredible were to go bankrupt, your money is safe and protected.

What if Bynco goes bankrupt?

Even then, you’re safe. Your money is in a third party account belonging to Third Party Trust Foundation GoCredible. If Bynco were to go bankrupt before we were able to deliver your car, we or our creditors cannot make any claim to the money in that third party account. It’s your money; nobody else can access it.