• Our independent purchase inspection guarantees that you buy a quality car
  • If something does happen during the first 12,000 kilometres, we will solve it and pay the bill.
  • We act as guarantor for you and your car, even after purchase

This is how trade-in works at Bynco

At Bynco you can trade in your car and use the trade-in amount to purchase a new car from us. If you use our free trade-in service, we will take your old car with us when we bring you your new one.

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Bynco Trade-in service

Does your current car have to make way for a new one and have you found the used car of your dreams with us? Then make use of our online trade-in service and trade in your 'old' car for a new one easily, quickly and free of charge. These are the advantages of the Bynco trade-in service:

About trading in with Bynco


  • Completely non-binding: our trade-in service is completely free of charge.

  • Completely online: you don't have to leave your house to have your car valued.

  • Quick valuation: you will hear how much we offer for your car within 24 hours of submitting your trade-in request.

  • Guaranteed amount: with us, you always get a competitive and fair price for your trade-in car. What we offer is what you are guaranteed to get - no more, but also no less.

  • 14 days: the trade-in amount remains valid for this period, so that you can select a new car at ease in our online showroom.

  • Pick-up service: we take your trade-in car with us when we bring you your new one.

  • Swap back: we keep your trade-in car for 14 days so that if you decide not to keep your new car, you can swap back to your previous car.

Good to know

  • Bynco only: the trade-in amount can only be spent at Bynco.

  • Service, not a business model: the Bynco Trade-in Service, as the name suggests, is a (free) service that we offer to make buying a new car as easy as possible for you - not to make money.

  • No negotiating: negotiating the trade-in value? At Bynco we don't do that, as we give you a nice amount for your trade-in car directly and without detours.

How the trade-in service works

  • Check all cars
    You choose the car that best suits your budget, wishes and needs on Of course you can do this as soon as you know the value of your trade-in car.
  • License plate
    Enter the registration number and mileage of your trade-in car and click 'Start trade-in request'.
  • Details and pictures
    Fill in the requested details and tell us more about the condition of your car so that we know what you are trading in, and upload some photos.
  • Trade in credits
    Trade-in application complete? Then you’ll know how much your car is worth within 24 hours. If you agree with the proposed trade-in amount, you can use the full amount (the trade-in credit) to order a new car from us.

Bynco's Worry-free Service

If you trade in your car and buy a pre-owned car from Bynco, you'll benefit from our Worry-free Service, including:

  • Independent pre-delivery purchase inspection
  • 12 months BOVAG warranty
  • At least 1 year MOT
  • No costs guaranteed the first 12.000 km
  • Something wrong? Then we pay the bill
  • Cost-free return within 2 weeks

Read more about our Worry-free Service

Frequently asked questions about the Bynco Trade-in Service

Is it possible to just get an estimate of the value of my car?

Yes it is. You are not obliged to do anything after submitting a trade-in request and after the trade-in amount has been accepted.

What if I want to trade in but don't buy a new car from you?

In this case, unfortunately, you cannot make use of our trade-in service. The Bynco trade-in service is - as the name suggests - a service we offer to make buying a new car easier.

How long does it take to find out how much my trade-in car is worth?

We aim to tell you within 24 hours of submitting your trade-in request. If your application is incomplete, for example because the photos are missing, we cannot determine the trade-in value and you will receive a reminder to complete the application. After that we can quickly let you know what your car is worth.

Will I get my trade-in car back if I return it within 14 days?

Yes, of course. We keep each trade-in car for a maximum of 14 days so that you are not without a car if you decide to return your new car. Suppose you are not happy with your new car and you want your trade-in car back, we will exchange the cars at your home. In addition, you will receive your money back within 5 working days after we have collected your new car and returned your trade-in car. And if you want, we help you find another car.

What if I think the trade-in amount proposed is too low?

Then we advise you to sell your car yourself and then buy the used car of your dreams at Bynco. We cannot increase the amount because the Bynco trade-in service is a service, not a revenue model. In short, we offer it to make your life easier.

Can I trade in any car?

Yes, in principle you can offer us any car for trade-in, provided it has a valid Dutch registration number. However, after a request, we are not obliged to accept the car you have offered us. We refuse cars which:

  • Do not have a Dutch licence plate
  • Are declared total-loss
  • Are registered as 'Stolen' in the RDW register
  • According to the RDW, are prohibited from driving on public roads

If this is the case, we will inform you and explain why we are refusing your car.