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  • No financial suprises

Trade-in your car? No problem.

Request a trade-in price for free and without obligation.

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How trade-in works at Bynco

  • Enter your license plate and mileage
  • All vehicle data is automatically retrieved
  • You can add additional information and photos of the car
  • You fill in your personal details
  • We send all information to various purchasing partners (unique in the Netherlands)
  • You will receive a guaranteed offer within 24 hours
  • After acceptance of this offer, we will settle this with the purchase price of your new car
  • We exchange the cars on delivery

In order to get the highest possible, guaranteed offer, it is mandatory to upload a minimum of 5 photos (board side / passenger side / front / back / mileage).

Trade in your current car?

Request a free and non-binding trade-in price.

How trade-in works at Bynco

  • Enter your license plate number and mileage
  • All car data is retrieved automatically
  • You can add additional information and photos of the car
  • You fill in your personal data
  • Within 24 hours you will receive a guaranteed bid
  • After acceptance of the highest bid, we will deduct this from the purchase price of your new car
  • We’ll change the cars on delivery

Pay attention. In order to get a guaranteed bid that is as high as possible, it is mandatory to upload a minimum of 5 photos. (drivers side / passengers side / front / back / mileage). Without photos it is not possible to submit a request. It also helps to fill in your phone number so we can ask possible questions. 

Why trade in at Bynco?

First of all, it's good to know that requesting a trade-in proposal is free of charge and without obligation. So you are not stuck to anything. 

Bynco is specialized in selling cars online. But we understand that trading in your car and being able to deduct it directly with the purchase price of your new car is very pleasant. Therefore, after an intensive selection process, we have selected two partners with whom we make this trade-in service possible. They will independently make an offer for your car.

Multiple bids - directly deductible from purchase price

It is unique in the Netherlands that you can receive bids from multiple parties at once. We think that you can better assess whether the bids are realistic. We also want to make it easy for you with the trade-in service. So that you do not have to go to drop-off points or receive potential buyers at your door. But you will get two online bids on your car instead. With our trade-in service we also hope to make the trade-in of a car transparent and easy.

In order to get the best possible picture of your car, it is important that you go through a number of steps. We could also have chosen to ask for a price based on your license plate and mileage only, but our experiences show that the offered price will come out quite low. That is why it is important that you give a good and extensive image of your trade-in car, among other things by uploading a number of photos.

Exchange at your house - you don't have to leave the house

After purchasing your car on bynco.com, we will take care of changing the cars during the delivery of your new car. We will deliver the new car and then pick up the exchange car right away. At that moment there will be a short inspection of the trade-in car to determine whether it is as you specified. We indemnify your trade-in car on the spot and, if in accordance with your specifications, take it with us immediately. You therefore have no further administrative obligations. Just don't forget to terminate your car insurance. Or find a way to transfer the insurance to your new car.

Receive a high bid for your trade-in car?

Do you agree with the offer on your current car? Then we will automatically settle the purchase price of the new car with the trade-in price. And we will swap the cars as soon as we bring the newly purchased car. Convenient, isn't it? Based on your license plate number, we consult a database for all additional vehicle data. You can easily supplement this data yourself by indicating which options and packages your car is equipped with. These also determine the value of your car. After you have offered the car, our partners get to work to determine the highest possible price for your car. You will receive two bids for your car within 15 minutes to a maximum of 24 hours. To prevent you from missing them, you will also receive an alert via email and they will be displayed in your own My Bynco-environment on our website. If you wish to make use of one of these bids, you can accept the best offer at My Bynco - Trade-in value and this amount will be deducted from the purchase price of your new car on bynco.com.