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Bynco warranty: this is how it works

At Bynco you get a 12-month warranty with every occasion and we promise you that you will have no (maintenance) costs for the first 6 months and therefore no worries. Something wrong with your car during the first half year? Then we pay the bill.


  • No costs, no worries: If you buy a used car from us, you get a 12-month warranty, and we promise you that you will not have unexpected (maintenance) costs for the first 6 months or 5000 kilometers. If something does happen during the first half year, we will solve it and pay the bill. 
  • From 12 to 18 or 24 months: We offer you the option of extending the warranty period to 18 or 24 months at an additional charge. 
  • Bynco is there for you: As long as you drive a Bynco used car, we are always there to help you, even after the warranty period. Did any damage occur to your car? Or would you like us to assist you in finding a new car for your parents-in-law? Whatever it is, you can always reach us for advice and support. 

Good to know

  • No roadside assistance: Roadside assistance is not part of the Bynco Pre-Owned Car Warranty, so we advise you to take out car insurance with roadside assistance or subscribe to the ANWB roadside assistance. 
  • Oops, my bad: The Bynco Pre-Owned Car Warranty covers a lot, but not everything. For example, damage and deterioration (such as traces of use) caused by your own actions are not covered by the warranty. Read the warranty conditions for more information. 
  • Collaboration with Autotrust: Bynco makes use of the Autotrust guarantee programme - market leader in car guarantees and maintenance subscriptions.
  • Factory warranty: a large part of our used cars are so young that the manufacturer's warranty is still valid for a year or (considerably) longer. If you opt for a car with a manufacturer's warranty, you can fall back on the manufacturer's warranty in the event of a defect. In that case, the conditions of the respective manufacturer apply.

At Bynco, you always buy a quality car

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  • Our specialists double check every single car before delivery.

This is how the Bynco Pre-Owned Car Warranty works 

  1. Found the right car? Order it and during the ordering process, indicate whether you would like to extend the guarantee period to 12 or 18 months at an additional charge. 
  2. We deliver your new car to your home free of charge. The 12, 18 or 24-month warranty period starts immediately. 
  3. Does something unexpected happen to your new car during the warranty period and is it covered by the warranty? Report it to Autotrust by calling 0592-34 00 18 or via You can read more about the conditions and reporting a defect (or defects) in our warranty brochure.

Read the warranty brochure 

Frequently asked questions about the Bynco warranty

What do you mean by 'No costs and no worries in the first half of the year'?

By this we mean the following: If you buy a used car from us, you will always receive a 12-month warranty and we will ensure that the car of your choice does not require maintenance for 6 months/5000 kilometres. Is there something wrong with your car in the first six months that you cannot do anything about and that is not covered by the Bynco warranty? Then we pay the bill.

When does the warranty period start?

The day we deliver your new car to your home is when the warranty period starts.

Does maintenance also fall under the Bynco Used Car Warranty?

No, that is not the case. It is true that the used car of your choice is maintenance free for half a year (or 5000 kilometres), so you have no maintenance costs during that period. After this period, you are responsible for the costs.

What happens after the warranty expires?

The Bynco warranty is valid for 12 months/30000 kilometres, unless you have opted for an extension of the warranty period. After this period you are responsible for all car related costs.

What is covered by the warranty and what isn't?

The answer to this question, and the warranty conditions, can be found in our warranty brochure.

Can I buy a car at Bynco without warranty?

No, all cars have a 12-month warranty included in the price because otherwise we cannot keep our promises. We want you to be able to enjoy your new car without any worries after the purchase. Don't you want that too?