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A minimum of 180 days warranty

Default on every car


Legal warranty

The legal warranty will apply to any car that you buy from us. That means that a product must be what you can reasonably expect of it.

Extra warranty

All cars on bynco.com come with a standard 180 warranty. Is 180 days too short for you? Then you can pay for an extra warranty, either 6 extra months (12 months total) for €375, and 12 extra months (18 months total) for €525.

If any issues occur during the warranty period, you can contact Autotrust. Call 0592-34 00 18 and they will help you. Because many of Bynco’s cars are not that old, they may still be under factory warranty which means that you can take your car to a brand dealership in your area. Autotrust will be able to help you whatever the case may be.

The warranty applies to all mechanical and technical parts. If the defect or problem is covered by the warranty, the diagnosis costs and transport costs to the garage will also be covered.

The warranty does not apply to regular servicing, the interior, body work, the windows, or the wheels. Even if you are (partially) to blame for the defect, the warranty will not apply. In cases where extreme factors cause a defect or damage – such as a crash or extreme weather – you can usually claim the costs through your own personal insurance.

The extra warranties that Bynco offers, namely the Bynco warranty and the factory warranty, do not have any effect on the aforementioned legal warranty. These warranty conditions apply to the Bynco warranty


Do you still have questions about the warranty? Feel free to contact us.

Do you already have a Bynco warranty? Always be sure to contact Autotrust if you have any problems.

File your claim online, or

Call 0592- 34 00 18

If calling from overseas +31 (0) 592 373 142