• Ultimate convenience
  • Always a fixed price
  • Personal assistance
  • No financial surprises

The delivery of your car

Your car delivered for free to your front door

You indicate when you want your car to be delivered. This can be from Monday to Friday, from 0900 to 1800, which can be planned from 5 to 14 days after your purchase. We will phone you within 24 hours of your order in order to decide upon a delivery time. Upon delivery, we will take the time to show you all the options, to connect your phone to your car, and to answer your questions.

Have you chosen to pay upon delivery? We won’t have a card machine with us, so you can pay using internet banking. We will email you a link beforehand, so payment can be quick and easy. You can do it on your own computer or tablet, or using our tablet. Make sure that you temporarily increase your internet banking limit. Be aware that the limit on internet banking apps on phones is often only €5,000.

If you run into any issues before the delivery, you can cancel it for free up to 24 hours before the delivery. If you cancel a delivery with 24 hours, we will charge € 90,75. If you aren’t home upon actual delivery, we will charge €181,50. If this happens, we will contact you within 24 hours to plan a new delivery.

Accept or decline upon delivery

Using a tablet you can indicate whether you accept the car that’s been delivered. If you do, GoCredible will be notified and your money will be transferred to Bynco. After you accept, you will start your 14 day trial period.

If for any reason you choose not to accept the car, you can also indicate this on the tablet. GoCredible will then deposit your money back into your account within 48 hours and we will take the car back with us. Simple.

We will transfer the title to your name

During the ordering process, you fill in your license details and date of birth. If you don’t have these details on you at the time, you can also do this later. These details are needed for the title transfer. The new title holder is required to be present at the delivery. After accepting the car and after the license has been checked, we will email you a confirmation form from the RDW. This used to be called Part 1. Within 3 working days you will receive a registration certificate in the mail.

Taking out your own auto insurance

After buying your car, you will receive an email with your license plate number and check code of the car. You will need these to transfer your current auto insurance policy or to take out a new policy. It’s your responsibility to make sure the car is insured from the day of delivery. Then you can drive the car right away.

Compare insurances easily and quickly via our partner Pricewise

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