BYNCO - Buying a second hand car made easy for expats

We have helped many expats - 14-day test drive - 180 days warranty - delivery throughout the Netherlands

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Why Bynco?

Bynco (Buy Your Next Car Online) is the first webshop where it is possible to buy a second-hand car 100% online. In the comfort of your own home. Our website does not refer you to other dealers. We are acknowledged by the RDW and use an independent third-party bank account with GoCredible to make sure your money is safely transferred when you accept the car. Buying a car online is as easy as making a purchase with any other webshop. We have already welcomed many expats with their new occasion.

  • 14 day trial period
  • 180 day warranty
  • Pay on delivery
  • Free delivery within The Netherlands
  • No questions asked money back guarantee
  • Personal assistance 24/7


Buying a car made easy for expats

Bynco is the Dutch nr. 1 car-website for anyone that is new in The Netherlands. Ordering a car is as easy as any other webshop. 

All cars that are being offered by Bynco are from selected partners. The collection of cars we offer therefore do not consist of randomly used cars, but of cars specially selected by our experts. 

Buying a car online is as easy and safe as with any other known webshop.

  • No language barrier
  • No haggling
  • We take care of official registration at RDW
  • Safe payment 
  • Ordering with foreign driving license possible


Do you live in the Netherlands and do you have a foreign driving license? No problem, you can just buy a car from our webshop and we will guide you through every step.

When placing an order you can indicate that you have a foreign driving license. The only difference is that the registration of the car must take place at an official RDW location. These locations are located throughout the Netherlands and we'll be there to assist.

You also need an original certificate of registration in the Netherlands (BRP-extract (including BSN), not older than 3 months) and a valid driving license. 

See which documents you need

Bynco is here to help

At Bynco, we understand that moving to a new country is exciting but that sorting everything out can also be overwhelming. Especially when it comes to buying a car. 

We have answered questions of many new Dutch citizens concerning buying a car in The Netherlands and we're more than happy to help you too. 

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us by chat, email or phone. We are here to help.

expat Morris

Paul from the UK, happy with his new car. He started a chat with us on Saturday, we called on Monday and delivered the car in Groningen on Wednesday. 

What customers say about Bynco?

"All in all, I had a flawless experience with Bynco. Everything that they advertised, they delivered. They explained everything I needed to know about the car, they made the registration of the car on my name very smooth and quick and I didn\'t have any issues with the car so far (in 2 months). I am very happy that I trusted their services!"
Anca, Amsterdam
"I'm 100 % satisfied with the Bynco service. I've bought a Toyota Auris from them, and I'm really happy with the car. Whole procedure starting in online chat with bynco workers till the delivery and registration a car was great. They answer all my question and showed the car very troughly (even very,very,very small skratches which I almost couldn't seen :) The car is exactly what I've expected with a great price compared to the quality. I don't have any points for improvement! 100% satisfied!!! Kind regards for Bynco team:)"
Adriana, Wormerveer



On you will find both our own cars and cars from car dealers affiliated with Bynco. Only those dealers who can guarantee the Bynco terms and conditions can sell their cars at All cars are screened by us before they reach the platform. This is how we monitor quality. We think you should be able to assume that a for sale car on is just a good car. And there are no unpleasant surprises at the moment that we bring the car home with you and you see the car for the first time.

14 days test drive

Bynco doesn’t have the option for test drives. Therefore we have something else. Bynco uses 360° photography to show all the cars from the in- and outside. You can scroll through the car on your phone or laptop. You can see all the details of the car. Also Bynco has a trial period of 14 days. This means you can ‘test drive’ the car for 14 days, instead of a quick 15 minutes at the car dealer. In this 14 days you can drive a maximum of 200 kilometres. If you don’t like the car within 14 days, you can return the car and you get a full refund of your money.

Personal Service

If you need any help during the process of choosing your car. Bynco is available for you any time you want. Bynco can give personal and professional advice.

You can call: 030 - 207 42 20
E-mail this address:
Or use the Live Chat:

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here to help. We understand that Dutch regislations can be difficult to understand. We already helped a lot of foreigners living in The Netherlands. With answers on how to deal with a foreign driving license, how to put a car on your name etc. 

team bynco

180 days warranty

As mentioned earlier, Bynco uses a fixed price including warranty. This is a warranty of 180 days. Off course Bynco believes in the quality of the cars in the webshop. But it is always possible something can happen with the car. Therefore you get the warranty of 180 days on the car.

Download the Bynco Warranty leaflet

Funding possible

If you choose to pay with funding, Bynco can also help you. It is possible to apply for financing. Bynco works together with DTC to help you get your dream car. For this, you 'order' the car first, then choose for the option ‘Financing’ and press the button 'Start request'. We will then refer you to DTC, where you're able to request non-obligational offers. No worries, you are not committed to anything. Not to the financing, not to the car. Is everything settled with DTC? Then you're able to make the order final. 

Delivery date and time

After you have chosen the way you are going to pay for the car, you can make the order final. You have to register and fill in the personal information Bynco needs to sell you the car. Don't worry, we have a very strict privacy policy. After this, soon Bynco will contact you to set up a date to deliver the car at your doorstep at your desired time. You also get the information you need to take care of a new insurance contract. We, as Bynco, want to arrange the delivery as quick as possible. Buying a car in a large city like Amsterdam, the Hague (Den Haag), Utrecht or Rotterdam, or a smaller city like Amstelveen, Haarlem, Zoetermeer? No problem. We deliver cars throughout the Netherlands, free of charge.   


If you still have your old car. It is also possible to use the option for trading in for your car. In the ordering process, you can say if you want to trade in your old car. Bynco corporates with 2 partners to give you the best price for your old car. The price you get for your old car will be settled with the price of the new car. At the time of the delivery, when Bynco brings you your new car, we take the old car with us. Bynco wants to make it as easy as possible for you to buy your new occasion in the Netherlands. 

RDW certified

At Bynco, you are able to buy your second-hand car 100% online. We don’t refer to other online search machines for cars or car dealers. The cars are directly delivered from our select partners. Bynco is acknowledged by the RDW and Thuiswinkel Waarborg (for E-commerce). RDW is the organization in the Netherlands which register all cars and has supervision and control over all the cars sold in the Netherlands.

safe payment

If you have chosen your perfect car, you don’t have to negotiate over the price anymore. Bynco uses one fixed price. The price includes 180 days warranty, delivery cost, etc. This means no additional costs. You can choose from 3 options when and how to pay for your car:

  • Directly online via iDEAL
  • Pay on delivery
  • Pay with financing

You don’t have to worry about transferring a large amount. First, the complete amount goes to an independent third-party bank account with GoCredible. Bynco doesn’t get the money, before you get your car. Bynco gets the money when you officially accept the car at the delivery.