• Our visual inspection guarantees that you buy a quality car
  • If something does happen during the first 12,000 kilometres, we will solve it
  • We act as guarantor for you and your car, even after purchase

Maintenance and warranty

Because we at Bynco are honest about cars, all cars have had an extensive inspection before they were placed on the website. In addition, all cars have at least 12 months warranty. Of course, this does not alter the fact that every car needs maintenance on its own time.

Regular maintenance of your car and inspections are not covered by the warranty and are at your own expense. The exact maintenance intervals and prescriptions differ per make and model. The amount of kilometres you drive each year and the age of the car are of course also decisive for the required maintenance.

MOT approved

The cars on are all equipped with a recent MOT, or don't need a MOT check yet. This is because a mandatory MOT inspection is not required for cars younger than 4 years old. Most of the cars for sale on are so-called young used cars, not older than 3 years.

Dealer warranty and maintenance

Also, most of the cars offered are still within the warranty period of the brand dealer. At that stage, it may be wise to have maintenance carried out at the brand dealer. This reduces the chance of discussion or differences of opinion, in case you wish to invoke the warranty. But this is not mandatory.