How does Bynco work?

Finding your new dream car is no longer a chore, but a joy thanks to Bynco.

In recent years, online shopping has become extremely quick, transparent, and safe. But why should that only be the case for a book or a pair of jeans? Why can’t buying second hand cars be just as pleasant, clear, and reliable?

At Bynco, we make buying a second hand car easy and transparent. With many guarantees and no fuss, at home from your own couch. We offer you an overview, insight, and any personal service and help that you may need- 24/7. Not just that, but also the security of 14 days of test driving and a minimum of 180 days warranty. Welcome to Bynco.

Finding your new dream car is no longer a chore, but a joy thanks to Bynco. This is how it works:

1. We do our homework

All of the cars that we offer come from carefully selected partners. When recruiting partners, we don’t only judge the cars, but also the philosophy, staff, and reputation of the company. That way we can be sure that all of our partners share our norms and values. We always take an initial look at the second hand vehicles on site, and each will be checked digitally before being published on our website.

2. You search comfortably

You can take your time and browse our large selection of dependable second hand vehicles online without needing to visit several car dealerships. All prices are all-inclusive: we will never charge you any extra fees. It’s that easy!

3. Need help?

If you aren’t sure what kind of car would suit you best, we are more than happy to help. Our Quickscan will help you narrow your choice down to the best options within minutes! Would you prefer personal help? We are available 7 days per week, even outside of working hours and during weekends.

4. Make your choice

Have a look at interior and exterior photos and download supplementary reports in order to get to know our cars better. When you’re ready, you make your choice based on your wishes, budget, and references. You always buy with the security of a super-competitive all-in price, no surprises. That is the power of Bynco.

5. Trade in

If you want to trade in your current car, use our exchange service. You can offer your car up for exchange and we guarantee that you will receive offers from various independent parties.

6. Pay the way you want to

Payment is done via iDeal. Do you want to pay right away, or would you prefer to pay after delivery? Whatever your choice may be, we only receive the money if you are 100% satisfied with the car and accept it. Unsatisfied? Don’t want to go through with the purchase after all? You will receive all of your money back, no questions asked. That gives you the security you need.

Do you want to finance your car? No problem. You can calculate the costs here.

7. Delivery

Your car will be delivered to your home for free at the time and date that you choose, between 5 and 14 days after your purchase. Your payment will only be confirmed once you accept the car. We will explain all of the features and will help with things such as coupling your mobile phone and setting up the radio. Do you have a car to trade in? We will quickly check if your car is in the state which you have indicated. If this is the case, we will take it with us immediately. 

Car insurance

Do you want to buy car insurance? Compare the best deals with our partner PriceWise.

8. Trial period

You have a whole 14 days to test drive. Driving to work, the gym, or to family? That’s all just fine. That way you can really test if the car fits your needs and situation. Not the case? Within 14 days we will take the car back without exception and you will immediately get your money back, no questions asked.

9. Warranty

All of Bynco’s second hand cars come with a minimum 180 day warranty, factory warranty,  or additional warranty. Making a claim on your warranty can always be done at an auto repair shop in your area. With nearly 400 service points in the Netherlands, you can be certain that you will be helped quickly.

10. Time to drive

We hope that you enjoy your new car. If anything comes up, please contact us! Even after your purchase, we are here to help.

Are you living in the Netherlands but do you have a foreign driving license? No problem, you can just buy a car from us. When placing an order you can indicate that you have a foreign driving license.

What customers say about Bynco?

"All in all, I had a flawless experience with Bynco. Everything that they advertised, they delivered. They explained everything I needed to know about the car, they made the registration of the car on my name very smooth and quick and I didn\'t have any issues with the car so far (in 2 months). I am very happy that I trusted their services!"
Anca, Amsterdam
"I'm 100 % satisfied with the Bynco service. I've bought a Toyota Auris from them, and I'm really happy with the car. Whole procedure starting in online chat with bynco workers till the delivery and registration a car was great. They answer all my question and showed the car very troughly (even very,very,very small skratches which I almost couldn't seen :) The car is exactly what I've expected with a great price compared to the quality. I don't have any points for improvement! 100% satisfied!!! Kind regards for Bynco team:)"
Adriana, Wormerveer

A few of our cars