• Our independent purchase inspection guarantees that you buy a quality car
  • If something does happen during the first 12,000 kilometres, we will solve it and pay the bill.
  • We act as guarantor for you and your car, even after purchase

All about the Bynco Worry-free Service

At Bynco, you will always buy a used car risk-free. Not you, but we are responsible for all purchase risks. Buying and driving worry-free, is what we like to call it.


Never a bad purchase with the independent purchase inspection

From headlight to tail light; each and every car undergoes a pre-delivery inspection by our experienced car inspectors. During this independent purchase inspection, we check whether the car company has completed the preparation of your car according to our strict quality protocol. We check whether the battery is still working properly. Whether the heating and air conditioning are working properly. Whether the brakes and locks work as they should. And why do we do this? To make sure that you don't run any risks and buy a quality car.

    So what if my car does not pass your independent purchase inspection?

    If your second-hand car does not meet our quality requirements, we will solve this in our workshop or work together with the car company to find a hassle-free solution. And should you be worried about possible costs; there are none. After all, we are responsible for the quality of the car and therefore take full responsibility for these costs.


Something wrong? Bynco will pay the bill for the first 12,000 km

If you buy a used car from us, Bynco ensures that the car of your choice will not require any maintenance for the first year or the first 12,000 kilometres. And: every car has a valid MOT for at least 1 year. In accordance with Bynco's quality standards, the dealership completes the preparation ('roadworthiness') of your car. Subsequently, during our independent purchase inspection, we check your car and repair it where necessary. That way we can guarantee that we will take over all purchase risks and that you will be able to hit the road without any worries. Your car, our responsibility. Now and in the future.

  • Every car undergoes an independent purchase inspection
  • Guaranteed no costs in the first 12,000 km of driving
  • Every car has a 12-month BOVAG warranty
  • In-person assistance when you need it; we're here for you, even after you buy your new car
  • Not satisfied? You may return your car free of charge within 14 days

Also included

Every car has a 12-month BOVAG warranty

Buying a car with Bynco means you will receive a 12-month BOVAG warranty. If something is wrong, you can be sure that your car will be repaired free of charge in the first year and you can safely get back on the road.

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Your money is safe and secure until you are satisfied

At Bynco, all payments you make are securely held in GoCredible's third-party account. Are you 100% satisfied with the car when it's delivered to your home? Then the car will be registered in your name as the new owner. Only after that, GoCredible securely transfers your funds to us.

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Not satisfied? Simply return your car for free within 14 days

Finding out that your car is not the one for you in the first two weeks? Then you can return it - for whatever reason - free of charge.

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Personal assistance when you need it

As such, our service team is a WhatsApp message, chat or phone call away, 7 days a week. We work according to the 'No buts and ifs' protocol; whatever question or concern you may have, we will take care of it for you.

Yes, I need some help

Why Bynco?

What we stand for

Let us relieve you of all purchase risks. After all, we are your safety net: before, during and after the purchase of your car. We are your guarantors as we are the only 100% independent company. 

The only one 100% independent

We feel that it is no longer acceptable to be afraid of potential bad buys. We can and must do things differently. We believe you should be 100% sure that you are buying a top-quality car.

We are the (only) independent party that has your best interests at heart and takes full responsibility for your purchase. The one that advises and assists without a double agenda. One who is accountable to only one person, namely you. Your car is our concern.

That's Bynco.

    Can I see and test drive this car in the showroom?

    We do not have a showroom, but we do fully understand that you would like to experience, drive and see a car. That is why, after the free home delivery, you have the right to return your car at no charge within 14 days. For whatever reason. Not satisfied after these 14 days? Then we will simply collect it from you and you will get a refund. No questions asked.

    So how can I be sure your cars are quality cars?

    The car company makes sure your car is roadworthy. During the independent purchase inspection, we check whether the car company has done so according to the strict Bynco quality requirements. Anything wrong? If so, that is our responsibility and we will solve it for you without any hassle, while also paying your bills for the first year or the first 12,000 kilometres. After all, we are your safety net and guarantor.

    What makes you independent?

    We only select the best cars from the best car companies for our platform. We do not own the used cars and therefore have an objective view of both the selection and the car companies on our platform. This allows us to provide you with honest, independent advice. Without a double agenda.

    Why should I buy this car from Bynco and not the dealership?

    At Bynco, the purchase is guaranteed to be worry-free. Because whatever happens, we are your safety net and your guarantor. As the only independent used car seller, Bynco takes full responsibility for your car. What this means:
    • During the independent purchase inspection, we check whether the car company has delivered your car according to the strict Bynco quality requirements. Should there nevertheless prove to be something wrong, we will immediately fix it for you in our repair centre, free of charge. Next to that, we will jointly decide on the next steps. This means you know exactly where you stand at each stage of your journey.
    • Does something turn out to be wrong? That is our responsibility and we will look for an appropriate solution to solve it for you. By the way, the first 12,000 kilometres won't cost you a cent; as Bynco pays.
    • We are always there for you, even after you have bought your car. We are there for you 7 days a week with personal assistance and honest advice.