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  • Not entirely happy after 2 weeks of test driving? We'll pick up your car, no questions asked
  • Our specialists double check every single car before delivery

The story behind our cars

Bynco's online showroom features the best used cars from the most reliable car companies, guaranteeing that you will always buy a quality car. You can read how we acquire these used cars and how we ensure they meet our strict price and quality standards.

All the cars you find on our website are offered by a car company, or sales partner as we call it. The used cars do not belong to us and can be found in our partners' showrooms all over the Netherlands. We have made an agreement with our partners all used cars that meet the following basic criteria may be sold on

  • Maximum 8 years old
  • Sales price not higher than €50,000
  • Maximum of 150,000 kilometres driven

Price and quality standards

Our network of sales partners currently consists of more than 100 reliable Dutch car companies that we have personally screened. These companies and their used cars all meet our price and quality standards and we regularly check them. A used car with defects? No chance. Insufficient car for its price? In that case, the car won't be listed online. This means that you will always buy a quality car from us rather than a pig in a poke.

Check out our pre-owned car supply

At Bynco, you always buy a quality car

  • All cars and car companies have been thoroughly checked on price and quality.
  • Competitive all-in prices and no hidden costs.
  • Our specialists double check every single car before delivery.

This is how we guarantee the quality of every car

To be able to check and guarantee the quality of every car, we - together with our sales partners - carry out the following checks on every used car:

  1. We review the advertisement supplied by the partner and check, among other things, the price, the pictures and the information about the car. Is anything wrong? Are the photos of poor quality? Is the asking price too high? Then you won't find the car on our website.
  2. As soon as a customer orders a second-hand car, we contact the responsible sales partner to review the car together. Does the car have all the equipment described in the advertisement? Are there any signs of use the buyer should know about?
  3. Only when everything is in order will the relevant partner prepare the vehicle using the Bynco Checklist and the associated quality standards. The checklist consists of more than 50 checkpoints, so every used vehicle is thoroughly checked. Furthermore, the partner in question ensures that the car is maintenance free for 6 months or 5000 kilometres.
  4. The car is then transported to the Bynco distribution centre by trailer where our service and quality officers get to work on it. Using the Bynco Checklist, they check the car to make sure that everything is really in order. If our colleagues give the green light, the delivery will take place on the planned date. If the car is not in order, we will postpone the delivery until the car in question has met our quality standards for 100%. In this way, we ensure that you will always buy a quality car from us.

Last but not least

We leave the very last check - the satisfaction check - to you. On delivery, we will give you all the time you need to check your new car both inside and outside. Does it pass your satisfaction check? Then we'll hand over the keys.

Not 100% satisfied? Then you don't have to pay, or you get your money back if you paid in advance, and we simply take the car back. And - if you want - we will look for another car for you.

Frequently asked questions about Bynco's occasion supply

On which aspects do you inspect the cars?

Each used car is double checked on more than 50 different aspects, such as bodywork and paintwork, tyres and wheels, engine and electronics, upholstery and lighting. Check out the Bynco Checklist if you are interested in all the inspection points.

Are all cars damage free?

Yes, all our cars are damage free. However, some used cars do have traces of use. If a car has traces of use that do not meet our quality standards, we will inform the customer.