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  • Not entirely happy after 2 weeks of test driving? We'll pick up your car, no questions asked
  • Our specialists double check every single car before delivery

How buying online and paying for a used vehicle works at Bynco

At Bynco, buying a used car online is as easy and safe as buying a washing machine from or Coolblue. If you are dissatisfied with your new car, we will refund the purchase price without any ifs or buts.

Secure payment through iDEAL and GoCredible 

If you buy from Bynco, you decide when you pay: immediately after placing the order, during the delivery of your new car, or at any time in between. You pay securely via iDEAL, after which the money is parked on the third-party money account of GoCredible, an independent and reliable payment platform. Are you 100% satisfied with the used car that we delivered to your home? Then GoCredible will transfer the money to the relevant Bynco partner. 

Did you pay before delivery and do you discover during delivery that your new car does not meet your expectations? Then we will take it back and GoCredible will transfer the purchase amount back to you within 5 working days. 

All cars and car companies have been thoroughly checked on price and quality.

About buying online


  • Choose when to pay. Immediately after placing the order, during the delivery of your new car or at any time in between: you decide when you pay. 
  • Money back guarantee. When buying from a dealership in an offline manner, you are bound to the purchase and it is often not possible to cancel - or you will incur high costs. If you buy your new car online at Bynco, you can cancel your purchase free of charge up to 2 weeks after delivery of your new car, after which we will come and pick up the car from you free of charge. GoCredible will then refund the purchase price to your account within 5 working days. 

Good to know

  • Payment/card limit: if you want to pay over €5000* using iDEAL, you will first have to increase your transfer limit (payment limit and/or card limit). You can find out how on your bank's website. How quickly the change takes effect depends on your bank. It takes up to 4 hours at ING, Triodos, SNS and ASN, other banks immediately enable you to use the new limit. That is why we advise you - even if your bank isn’t mentioned above - to (temporarily) increase the limit at least half a day before the delivery of your new car. 

*5,000 is the standard limit applied by almost every bank.  

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How to buy and pay for a used vehicle online at Bynco

  • Found your dream car?
    During the ordering process, you can indicate whether you will pay for the car before or during delivery. In both cases, you will receive a payment link from us by e-mail, so that you can transfer the amount to GoCredible's third-party account via iDEAL.
  • Opted for payment during delivery?
    In this case you will be able to use the payment link and the tablet of the delivery driver, or your phone, laptop or tablet, to transfer the amount to GoCredible via iDEAL. Does the car not meet your expectations? That means you don't have to pay and we will take back the car.
  • Two weeks of test driving
    After delivery, you can test drive the car for 2 weeks. If you are not satisfied, you can return the car. In that case, we will pick it up from you free of charge and refund the purchase price to your account within 5 working days.

Have you chosen to pay in advance, but would you rather pay after you have seen and checked the car? No problem, but please let us know. 

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Frequently asked questions about buying a car online at Bynco

Who or what is GoCredible?

GoCredible is an independent, reliable payment platform accepted by the Home Shopping Guarantee (Thuiswinkel Waarborg). Bynco uses the payment services of GoCredible, so you can pay for your new car safely and with peace of mind. Want to know more about GoCredible and Bynco? Then follow this link.

Can I pay for the car in instalments?

Unfortunately not, unless you choose financing. You then pay a fixed monthly amount for the car of your choice. You can read more about financing on the ‘Car financing: how it works at Bynco’.

What if you go bankrupt?

No need to worry, because your money is safely parked in GoCredible's third-party money account. Creditors can never lay claim to it, not even in the event that we go bankrupt. In case it does happen, GoCredible will return your money to you as soon as possible.