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More about Bynco

Bynco is part of the AutoBinck Group. The AutoBinck Group is active in the car industry for over a 110 years. AutoBinck is a family owned company with a rich history. AutoBinck Group is made out of 50 companies with over 2.500 employees, active in 8 countries. We at Bynco make use of the knowledge, experience and buying power of the AutoBinck Group. 
The buyers of AutoBinck in The Hague have years of experience and daily search the whole of Europe for the best cars. In doing so, they use the knowledge of colleagues throughout Europe. All cars that are being offered by Bynco are bought by our own buyers. The collection of cars we offer therefore do not consist of randomly uses cars, but cars specially selected by our experts. This is in contrast to most dealers and garage companies. 

The main office of AutoBinck and Bynco is situated in The Hague, along the highway A4. You can daily find the Bynco team there to enhance the platform, buying and finetuning the collection of cars, and assisting customers to find the perfect car.

Foreign driving license?

Are you living in the Netherlands but do you have a foreign driving license? No problem, you can just buy a car from us. When placing an order you can indicate that you have a foreign driving license. The only difference is that the registration of the car must take place at an official RDW location. These locations are located throughout the Netherlands. You also need an original certificate of registration in the Netherlands (GBA extract, not older than 3 months) and a valid driving license. We have already welcomed many foreign expats with their Dutch car.

Our cars


Our buyers daily search through the whole of Europe for the best cars. Unique about this is that we buy and take stock of the cars ourselves. Traditional dealers and garage companies have exchanged cars they received from trade ins. All our cars are kept in a central location and we checked, viewed and photographed all of them ourselves. 


All our cars are inspected independently by DEKRA. They are ready to deliver from the moment they are available in our digital showroom at A traditional dealer will make the car ready to deliver from the moment you have already bought it. They will take it to the workshop and inspect it after the sale is done. This is because a dealer does not want to have a lot of expenses before the sale is final. We do things differently. More honest. We only offer cars that pass the independent inspection. The inspection report is available for download with each car. We believe it is time to tell an honest story about cars.

Making a selection


For each of our cars there is a 360° photo available of the interior and exterior. Any usage damage or traces are photographed in detail and are available at the press of a button. Because we are honest about our cars, we will show you everything, from scratches to small stone chippings. Also we will show you the average market value of several similar cars that are for sale through different channels, so you can make a well-considered choice.


We understand that buying a car for many is a big and important decision. That is why we will do everything to help you. We are personally available if you have specific questions.

The buying process


We are completely transparent about how we price our cars. We do not call it an asking price. We do this on purpose because we do not see a difference between asking price and getting a certain price. Many car dealers work with extra costs for making the car roadworthy, extra warranty and delivery costs. That is what we call ‘a catch’. Our price is a fixed, competitive price. Without a catch. With Bynco there is no need for annoying negotiations. We are so convinced about our competitive prices that we also mention the average prices of a couple of similar cars that are for sale. It is possible for us to have these competitive prices because we can buy our cars internationally and direct. There are fewer chains in the link and we do not have expensive showrooms. All in your advantage.


Bynco is the first webshop where it is possible to buy a second-hand car 100% online. In the comfort of your own home. Our website does not refer you to other dealers. We deliver our cars directly from our own stock. We are acknowledged by the RDW and use an independent third-party bank account with GoCredible to make sure your money is safely transferred when you accept the car. Buying a car online is as easy as making a purchase with any other webshop


When you find the car of your dreams, you can easily pay with IDEAL on our site. This is possible for payments up to €50.000,-. The complete amount will not be transferred to Bynco, but will be temporarily parked on an independent third-party bank account with GoCredible. It is not possible for us to get the money before you receive the car. The money will only be transferred to Bynco if you accept the car at the time of delivery. During the 14 day trial period you can always cancel the sale and you will receive your money back. We will not ask you difficult questions when returning the car. The most honest way in our opinion.

Delivering the car


We will deliver the car at your doorstep on any date selected by you. When you place an order we will first handle all the administration. All the cars in our digital showroom have a Dutch license plate and we will make sure the car is registered to your name with the RDW. We will send you the registration and all necessary information so you can take care of an insurance contract. In the meantime we will keep you up-to-date concerning the status of your order. At the time of delivery you can immediately drive off in your new car.


We do not believe it is possible to make the right choice based on a quick trial drive with a dealer. That is why with Bynco it is possible to trial drive the car for 14 days in your own neighbourhood, up to 200 km. During this trial period, the car does not meet your expectations? No problem, we will pick up the car and give you a refund for the full purchase amount. Without the hassle of difficult questions.


We strongly believe in the quality of the cars we sell. However it is possible that something unexpected will happen with the car. Possibly due to a production error or dumb luck. If you buy a car with us, you will get a minimal warranty of 180 days. With fairly new cars the warranty can even be longer because there is still factory warranty on the car.