About Bynco

What is Bynco’s mission?

It’s simple: we want to make buying a second hand car enjoyable, reliable, and easy. So you can choose the right car and feel good about your purchase.

Why Bynco?

Because Bynco offers the security of a safe and trustworthy purchase. And that feels good. No rushed test drive and questionable cars, but 14 days of test driving , 180 days of warranty, and a fair, all-inclusive price. Count those savings!

Buying a used car often means unpleasant financial surprises, an unclear car history, and big question marks when it comes to the car’s condition. Thanks to Bynco, that’s history. We make buying cars honest, simple, and 100% online. With transparency about the state of the engine, the options, the signs of usage and the price. Basically, everything that you can’t see, but can end up having problems with. Bynco will make sure you get the honest and full story behind the car that fits you best. Without having to do hours of research, without extra fees, and without any uncertainty after your purchase.

Bynco is short for Buy Your Next Car Online and is also a subtle nod to our parent company AutoBinckGroup.

How do we make that a reality?

Buying cars requires human effort. We listen carefully to our clients and have transformed the problems and uncertainties of buying used cars into service and functionality. Welcome to Bynco!


Carfax Report

You can download a free Carfax report with more information about the history of any of our cars. That way you will know where the car has come from.

180 day warranty

On top of any remaining factory warranty, you will receive 180 days of warranty from us. If you encounter any problems during this period, we will solve them for you (as long as they are covered by the warranty). With a network of almost 400 servicing locations throughout the Netherlands, you can be sure that you can always find a garage in your area.

Safe payment

You pay safely online using iDeal. If you choose to pay the entire amount immediately, your money will be held safely in an independent third party trust account by GoCredible. The amount will only be made available to us once you accept the car upon delivery and once we have transferred the car’s title to your name. You can also choose to pay upon delivery.

14 day trial

We understand that buying a car is a big investment. That’s why you always get 14 days to think about it after delivery. You can take your time to try out the car. Don’t like it? We make sure that the external seller will take the car back within 14 days. No questions asked, no extra fees incurred. You will get the entire paid amount back.


Buying a car any hour of the day

We don’t do office hours: you can buy your next car from us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can even contact us for questions or advice late at night or during weekends. We are more than happy to help!

Trading in

Want to trade in your current car? Make use of the Bynco trade-in service. It’s a unique system where you will receive multiple offers from multiple independent parties. Want to accept an offer? We will come to pick up your car. We will quickly inspect the car to make sure it’s in the condition which you have indicated. If this is the case, we will immediately take your car with us.


We want to help you find your dream car. That’s why we offer personalized financing together with our partner DTC. During the ordering process, choose the payment option Financing. We will connect you to our partner DTC, where you can request a free estimate. No worries, you’re not committing to anything: not to the financing and also not to purchasing the car. Everything set with DTC? Then you can confirm your order.

Delivered to your home worry free

We will come and deliver the car to the address of the car’s title holder. We will make sure that all the administration is correct and that the car’s license plate is registered. The transfer of the title with the RDW will begin automatically at the moment the car is accepted upon delivery.


All-in prices

We don’t think that ads with dishonest prices and hidden fees belong in this day and age. We have made agreements with every external seller- an agreement they have all signed- that the price listed on our website is an all-inclusive price. So no extra fees, and with 180 days of warranty, valid MoT certification, home delivery and 14 days of test driving. You won’t come across any unexpected fees after the fact, all of our prices include everything.

Who’s behind Bynco?

Bynco is part of AutoBinck Group, a real family business with a rich history. AutoBinck Group has been around for almost 115 years and has 50 companies and 2,500 employees in 8 countries.

Get to know our experienced members of staff, Jeroen, Branko, Raul and Mark

l-r Branko Bezoen, responsible for purchase and operation. Jeroen Veldman, founder and general director. Raul Tiru, responsible for online marketing and analytics. Mark Boekraad, responsible for the web shop and customer service.

team bynco