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How it works

At Bynco, we believe that buying a car should be fun again. Buying a car online can be done within a minute and you will receive extensive security. All cars include a delivery package, with at least 6 months MOT, 5,000 km maintenance free, at least 180 days warranty, roadworthiness and you can try the car for 14 days.

If you want to buy a car, you can simply pay online with iDEAL. This can be done immediately but also at the time of delivery. The purchase price will be parked in an independent third party account and will only be paid to us if you accept the car upon delivery. When ordering, you indicate the date on which you would like the car to be delivered. When ordering, we ask for a valid driver's license from the person in whose name the car will be registered. The delivery address should be the same as the home address of the named person.

We can usually deliver the car to you within 5 days after purchase. The car will be registered by us in your name upon delivery, so you can drive with it immediately. Provided that you have had the car insured, of course. Upon delivery of the car you sign for receipt. And you can test the car for up to 200 kilometres in your own area. And of course within 14 days: Not satisfied? Guaranteed refund.

You can contact us for all your questions. If you want personal advice about a car and also after purchasing a car. During weekends and evenings you can often find us on the chat. During office hours we can be reached by phone at 030 - 207 42 20. But also via email address klantenservice@bynco.com.

Do you live in the Netherlands but have a foreign driving license? No problem, you can easily buy a car from us. When ordering, you can indicate that you have a foreign driving license. The only difference is that the car must be registered at an official RDW location. These locations are located throughout the Netherlands. You will also need an original proof of registration in the Netherlands (GBA extract, not older than 3 months) and a valid driver's license. We have already welcomed many foreign expats with their Dutch car.


On Bynco.com you will find cars no older than 8 years with a maximum of 150,000 kilometres on the counter. These cars are from carefully selected brand dealers, universal car companies or leasing companies. Because we know how important trust and quality is when buying a used car, we only allow the best companies. We then ensure that you can buy these cars with the certainties of Bynco.

  • Delivered home free of charge within 5 days
  • Extensive explanation about the car at your home
  • Customer service 7 days a week 365 days a year
  • Negotiations are no longer necessary
  • Always at least 180 days warranty with breakdown service
  • 575 service points in the Netherlands in case something is wrong
  • 14 days of trial driving in your own area
  • A money back guarantee
  • No unexpected additional costs


To avoid having to rely solely on 'our blue eyes', every car is extensively checked and inspected. Inside, outside and under the bonnet. We strive to show this report with every car. A free Carfax report (worth 14.95) can be downloaded with every car anyway, with details about the history of the car.

If you are interested in placing your used car on bynco.com, please contact us at info@bynco.com or call 030-207 42 20. We can explain to you all about the Bynco securities and conditions of participation in bynco.com.


Negotiating the price is neither possible nor necessary. And at Bynco there is no need for haggling. One of the reasons we started Bynco is to take away the uncomfortable feeling that often remains after buying a car. Didn't I pay too much, did I show too much that I wanted the car, did I fall into the sales tricks, do I need to haggle or is that rude? All prices on Bynco are fixed, all-in prices. So there are never any additional costs.

The prices of all cars are fixed and all-inclusive  (full tank, free home delivery,warranty,etc.) so also including VAT and BPM. If you want to use the car for business purposes and put it on the premises, you can in most cases reclaim the VAT. On the car page, under the heading 'technical specifications' , 'general', you can see whether it is a VAT car or a margin car.


Yes, we make it easy for you to exchange your current car quickly and without any hassle.
We don't buy your car ourselves, but we have looked for a number of partners who bid for your car independently of each other. Unique in the Netherlands! You will receive guaranteed bids within 24 hours in your My area on bynco.com. If you accept a bid, we will settle this amount directly with the purchase price of your new car.
When we deliver your new dream car to your home, we will take the trade-in car with us immediately and arrange all the paperwork for you on the spot. Convenient right?

You can go here to the trade-in page.

In order to get the highest possible bid for your car, it is important to give a complete (and honest)  image of your car. We retrieve a lot of data automatically on the basis of your license plate and mileage. We also ask for the specific model, extra options, state of repair and any damage or traces of use. You will also need to upload a number of photos, as this will enable us to offer you a guaranteed bid. This means that the exchange price is no longer negotiated or haggled over on the spot (in contrast to many other suppliers).

  • License plate and mileage
  • Execution, options and accessories
  • Pictures condition and damage
  • Personal data
  • Check data
  • Our goal is to make exchange as easy as possible. But in a way that you get the best possible price for your car as quickly as possible. We have (according to us) selected some of the best companies in the Netherlands. They will make an offer for your car at the same time and make an independent offer. You can accept the highest bid if you wish. We work together with Autorola and Autotaxatie Partners. This service is made possible by Autotelex. 

An offer on your trade-in car is valid for 7 working days. Feel free to call or email us if you think you need more time.

As soon as you have accepted an offer, we will immediately deduct this amount from the purchase price of your new car. You choose your dream car, press the 'To order' button and you will enter the ordering process. Here you indicate, among other things, when you want your new car delivered to your home. You then choose to pay directly via iDEAL or upon delivery. When we deliver your new car to your home, we will immediately take the exchange car with us and arrange all the paperwork for you on the spot.

Yes, the bids on your car are guaranteed. There will be no more bids during the exchange or collection of the car. Under the condition, of course, that you have been honest in filling in all the details. The most important thing is in both the technical and optical condition of the car.

No, you don't have to drop-off your car anywhere. We'll trade the car in, as it were. We'll deliver your new car to your home and then we'll take the exchange car with us right away. We also take care of all the paperwork on the spot.


Yes, it is also possible to pay on delivery. You can order your dream car via the site where you have the choice to pay directly via iDEAL or upon delivery. If for any reason you do not like the car, you will get your money back within 14 days. Without any additional costs.

The purchase price will be deposited into a so-called third party account of GoCredible. GoCredible is an independent identification and payment service that helps to complete the sale and purchase of your car safely and easily.

The purchase price is automatically 'parked' in a GoCredible third party account. If you decide to cancel the purchase before or during delivery, the purchase price will automatically be refunded to your account.

Also if you indicate within 14 days after delivery via the revocation or cancellation form that you would like to cancel your purchase, we will refund the purchase amount to you. Of course we will do this after we have picked up the car from you and undone the name of the car. In order to receive the full purchase amount back you need to take into account the maximum of 200 free kilometres.

The standard limit for iDEAL is € 50,000 per day. This applies to all banks, except Triodos Bank. Is your bank Triodos Bank? Then the daily limit is € 25,000. It is possible to temporarily increase your account limit with all banks. In most cases, you can arrange this yourself via online banking. Feel free to contact us if you experience a problem with your payment.

More info about daily limits:
- Rabobank
- Triodos
- Knab
- SNS / ASN / RegioBank
- Bunq

Your money will not be transferred to our bank account, but to an independent trust account at GoCredible. They are specialized in creating secure payments between 2 parties. So that you as a buyer are assured of a 100% secure and reliable transaction. Similar to the down payment at the notary when buying a house. GoCredible parks the purchase amount securely until you are satisfied upon delivery and personally agree to complete the transaction. And if not, you can just as easily return the money to your own account with the touch of a button.

Delivery and returns

When ordering, you indicate to who the car is to be delivered. The address of the named person is also the delivery address of the car. You decide on which date the car can be delivered by us. We will then call you as soon as possible to arrange the exact time of delivery. After purchase you will receive the report code, so you can have the car insured in advance. Upon delivery, the car is immediately put on name, so that you can drive it immediately. However, you need to arrange that the car is insured. If you have chosen to pay on delivery, you can pay the purchase price on the spot via iDEAL via a specific payment link. We will immediately receive a payment confirmation if the payment is successful. After this we will start with the attribution. 

From the moment of purchase we need a few days (depending on the sales partner) to complete the entire transaction. You can specify when you want the car delivered. This varies per sales partner and is between 6 and 10 working days after purchase. If you need more time, you can do so up to a maximum of 19 working days after purchase. The delivery address is the home address of the owner.


Yes, we will pick up the car free of charge if for any reason you don't like the car. You must inform us in writing within 14 days after delivery.

Of course it can always happen that something happens, an accident is often in a small corner. What if you damage the car in the 14 days trial period? Don't panic. At least contact us. You are responsible for getting the car insured.

After all, you bought the car and you are the legal owner. Any damage during the trial period will be recovered from your car insurance. Possible loss of value will be deducted from the purchase price and will be refunded in the event of cancellation.

You can cancel your order at any time. Before delivery, during delivery and during the 14 day trial period. We do not ask any difficult questions and you will simply be refunded the full purchase amount. For the cancellation there are some rules and conditions, you can read them here.  We will pick up the car for free. The only thing you have to do is to fill up the petrol tank and clean the car as it was at the delivery.


Of course, you may want to renounce the purchase anyway. That's why we have a 'no questions asked' return policy. If you want to return the car within 14 days after delivery and renounce the purchase, you can do so free of charge and without any awkward questions. You don't have to return the car yourself, we pick it up free of charge.

Your new car is not insured by us, you have to arrange this yourself. After purchase you will receive an e-mail with the purchase confirmation. After that you will receive, after we have agreed the time of delivery with you, an e-mail regarding the delivery confirmation. In this email we will also mention the registration number and the reporting code of the vehicle. You need this information to insure the new car. Make sure that the insurance takes effect on the date of delivery, then you can go straight on the road with it.

Not unimportantly, Bynco is part of AutoBinck Group. A family business that has been a highly reputable and respected party for 110 years and has been one of the leading companies in the European mobility industry for many years.

For example, we only work with organisations we believe in, payment is made via a third-party account and we have the Certificate Home Shopping Guarantee at our disposal. Last but not least, we have already made many people happy with their new car.

To enable you to get a good idea of your purchase, the first 200 km are free of charge during the 14 day trial period. Except for the fuel. Of course, you may have driven more kilometres during the trial period. You will then be liable for the reduction in value which is determined by an independent (damage) expert. This reduction in value, including the costs of the expert, will then be deducted from the refund of the purchase price.

Read more about this in our General Terms and Conditions at article 16.


About Bynco

Bynco is the abbreviation of Buy Your Next Car Online. At Bynco, we believe that buying a used car can be fairer, easier, more fun and faster. Searching online for a used car on offer was already possible, we at Bynco now also make it possible to buy it online (with all the advantages and conveniences that come with it).

Bynco is an online supplier of young used cars. The showroom is online. In the webshop, you can view the cars at your leisure, add them as favorites, compare them and download additional reports of the cars.

When you have made your choice, you can order the car and get it delivered to your home free of charge. At your doorstep you can view the car at your leisure and if you have accepted the car, you can test drive it for 14 days.

You no longer have to travel long distances on your day off to view cars in different showrooms.

The difference with these sites and bynco.com is the fact that all the cars you buy from Bynco have the same certainties (14 days trial drive, valid MOT, 180 days warranty, free home delivery, etc.). On websites such as autoscout.nl, gaspedaal.nl, marktplaats.nl, you can only search for cars that meet your requirements and then you will be redirected to the relevant car dealer, garage or private seller. All with their own services and conditions. On bynco.com, you can also order your dream car directly online, you don't have to go out the door anymore.

The My-environment consists of My Profile, My Favorites, My Orders and My Trade-in. 
In My Profile it is possible to view and change your personal data and preferences. In My Favorites you can view your cars marked as Favorite and in My Trade-in you can see and accept bids for your trade-in car. Under My Orders you can see your placed orders and unfinished orders.